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friable / рыхлый, хрупкий, ломкий
имя прилагательное
loose, friable, lax, soft, crumbly, doughy
fragile, brittle, delicate, frail, breakable, friable
brittle, breakable, fragile, frangible, friable, crisp
имя прилагательное
easily crumbled.
the soil was friable between her fingers
There was asbestos in the ceilings of the basement, which now may be friable .
Acrylic paints become soft and vulnerable to damage and dirt retention at high temperatures and humidities or brittle and friable at low temperatures.
The rock is volcanic and rather friable .
The source of the conglomerate is believed to have been southerly, where an unweathered friable rhyolite was water-transported with minor abrasion.
An unimaginable wealth of fertile topsoil in most parts of the country, this is shallow by Iowa standards, where in some areas the fine, friable soil goes down 20 feet.
Regrettably, Messenia's alkaline soils cause most imported pottery to lose its surface slip over time, while the vessels manufactured in the friable local clays do not hold their original slips well to begin with.
What's left is recognisable as human bones, though they're very friable .
It is especially useful for objects with high water content, such as grapes, and friable objects that may otherwise disintegrate when grasped with forceps.
And it also gave me a chance to enthuse (not that I take much prompting) about how lucky I am to have such friable soil.
When freshly collected, laumontite is colorless and quite hard; however, once dry, it crumbles and becomes friable and white.