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fretwork / лепнина, резное украшение, лепное украшение
имя существительное
резное украшение
лепное украшение
molding, fretwork, moulding
имя существительное
ornamental design in wood, typically openwork, done with a fretsaw.
He is now ready to produce works of art, fretwork , toys, or special assignments.
Although it appears that Ransom made Moorish fretwork from 1885 to 1898, his furniture work was apparently limited and concentrated toward the end of his active period.
He has studied stained glass, ceramics and fretwork and also model making, affording tuition in the latter to children of the Ball Project at the Old Manor during 1998.
He is now ready to produce works of art, fretwork , toys, or special assignments.
The rest of the furniture included a commode, two small pairs of open china cabinets, eight fretwork armchairs, four side chairs, and a pier glass.
The classic Guyanese house is constructed of wood and raised on stilts, painted white and decorated with intricate fretwork .
If you are already doing fretwork you should see if you can pick up any new tips here.
The distinctive open fretwork pediment of the mahogany case is associated with clocks made in or near Roxbury, Massachusetts, in the Federal period.
The restaurant has a ‘Thai’ character, with wooden fretwork walls and bamboo predominating, and even a small waterfall in one corner.
Much of the ceiling is fretwork , and fresco par-excellence, in gilded gold.
Less than a week later, Sam received another commission from the same gentleman; this time, to fix the pierced wooden fretwork of his grand piano, which had somehow sustained damage.