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fret / лад, раздражение, мучение
имя существительное
harmony, mood, fret, mode
irritation, annoyance, exasperation, anger, annoying, fret
torment, anguish, misery, fret, worry, fash
worry, bother, trouble, concern, care, fret
torment, torture, excruciate, tantalize, rack, fret
fret, agonize, worry, fash, be cut up, distress oneself
имя существительное
a state of anxiety or worry.
She also says that stars who had to return their borrowed designer duds did not have fret about removing sweat stains.
a repeating ornamental design of interlaced vertical and horizontal lines, such as the Greek key pattern.
In France, reaction against the asymmetric filigree of late Rococo produced frames with architectural frets and interlaced ornament, suited to the Neoclassical interior.
a device of narrow diagonal bands interlaced through a diamond.
each of a sequence of bars or ridges on the fingerboard of some stringed musical instruments (such as the guitar), used for fixing the positions of the fingers to produce the desired notes.
She studied what she had wrote, playing it back in her mind while lightly tapping her foot as she moved her hand to the various positions on the frets of the guitar.
be constantly or visibly worried or anxious.
she fretted about the cost of groceries
gradually wear away (something) by rubbing or gnawing.
the bay's black waves fret the seafront
decorate with fretwork.
intricately carved and fretted balustrades
provide (a stringed instrument) with frets.
The ability of fretted instruments to play chords and drive a piece along rhythmically has done a lot to change the range of sound in Irish music over the past 30 years.
play (a note) while pressing the string down against a fret.
fretted notes
For example, if there's a number thirteen on the third line down then you know you've got to put your finger on the thirteenth fret of the third string, and so on.
Yes, it was bothersome but nothing to fret over too much.
the bay's black waves fret the seafront
Justin said in an encouraging voice ‘don't fret Mary, Rebecca will be safe I promise you that.’
I doubt it'll change what I do, but it continues to fret me.
What I've learned through the 12-step program I'm in is to release to a higher power the concerns that I fret over.
an economy in a state of fret and irritation
his absence during her times awake began to fret her
the bay's black waves fret the seafront
Dick used the drum sticks to bang out the notes on the bass, with Tommy fingering the chords on the fret .