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freshwater / пресноводный, провинциальный
имя прилагательное
freshwater, landlocked, limnetic
provincial, suburban, hick, backwoods, freshwater, Doric
имя прилагательное
of or found in fresh water; not of the sea.
freshwater and marine fish
(especially of a school or college) situated in a remote or obscure area; provincial.
In addition to the many products, freshwater mussels act as water quality indicators.
This was real fun, fighting America's number one freshwater fish in gin clear water under an azure sky.
I have been keeping freshwater fish since I was a boy and have always maintained an interest in the hobby of fishkeeping.
There has been much restocking of native freshwater fish in both western dams and rivers, and many coastal estuaries.
The sediments were deposited under alternately freshwater and marine conditions.
This freshwater fish native to Africa is succulently bathed in fresh lemon juice along with sliced red onion and red pepper.
Flood control projects also endanger lowland streams, home to rare freshwater fishes.
Work at Chapel will meet strict EU laws on freshwater fish habitats and river quality.
Along with 680,000 freshwater fish released, it should mean that our fishery has a future.
They feed on freshwater fish, insects and the seeds of fringing plants.