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freshman / первокурсник
имя существительное
freshman, frosh, fresher
имя существительное
a first-year student at a university, college, or high school.
we invited the freshmen
One of the most vigorous complaints came today from freshman Republican Lindsey Graham, who had this to say.
a freshman second baseman
There's no mistaking the immediate effect the freshman had on the University of Arizona program, however.
While on the mend, the former freshman sued the university for not warning residents of the perilous nature of upper-story windows.
As a freshman Congressman two decades ago, one of the first bills he introduced was to halt school desegregation.
I mean, she's sponsored more legislation across the aisle than any other freshman of either party.
She is currently enrolled at California State University Fullerton as a freshman in the Honors Program.
I mean, she showed the rhetorical skills that freshman Congress members are known for.
During the second semester of the freshman art-introduction course at our school, we offer a unit in printmaking.
Eric is eighteen and is a freshman at the University of Washington.