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freshet / паводок, поток пресной воды
имя существительное
flood, high water, freshet, water, fresh
поток пресной воды
имя существительное
the flood of a river from heavy rain or melted snow.
Particularly high spring freshets would flood the quarries and put off the opening of the season.
After another couple of minutes she extended one leg to reach over and dip her foot in the freshet .
The last time that happened was in 1894 when a spring freshet sent water surging through the bridge at Eburne and over the north side of dykes.
The spring freshet and clean up in the fall of 1897 electrified the whole mining world.
Thousands of citizens of Grozny who lost their homes as a result of a freshet last year have not gotten new flats so far.
Below the football players and dog-walkers of Marine Park is a culvert that, in theory, still carries the freshet which once thinned the salt water of the Stromme Kill.
Remember, the Fraser cutthroat fishery is hugely impacted, if not terminated, when the freshet begins.
Understanding the variability of the freshet as well as its sensitivity to climate change will be critical in the future in areas with a mining heritage, such as much of the Yukon, Alaska, and Russia.
A meeting about the 2007 freshet and potential for flooding was held by the Township of Langley and the City of Abbotsford at Trinity Western University on Tuesday, May 15, and was attended by more than 400 residents.
This was mainly due to increased flow and suspended sediment during summer and fall freshets .
As spring freshets go in British Columbia's Central Interior, the year 2000 was relatively sane.