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fresher / первокурсник
имя существительное
freshman, frosh, fresher
имя прилагательное
not previously known or used; new or different.
the court had heard fresh evidence
recently created or experienced and not faded or impaired.
the memory was still fresh in their minds
(of water) not salty.
The lake water is fresh near the surface, but remains salty at the bottom.
(of the wind) cool and fairly strong.
I came from a small town, where the wind is fresh and cool, you could taste the air on your lips.
presumptuous or impudent toward someone, especially in a sexual way.
some of the men tried to get fresh with the girls
So it's no wonder they like to offer plenty of freebies to entice you to open an account just as you go off to university as a fresher .
Arjun, a college fresher was taken to be the happiest boy on earth by his friends during the first week of college.
Scholarship recipients include freshers , students currently in third level education and mature students entering college for the first time.
In my final year many freshers I knew dropped out or really struggled because of financial pressures, especially as the year drew on.
Approximately 10,000 freshers are expected to be leaving their friends and family at home and anxiously beginning a new chapter of their lives at the northern equivalent of Oxford and Cambridge.
Everyone is welcome to come along to any of the events except the Safari Night which is for the freshers only.
In three years' time, today's young freshers will be leaving university with a degree certificate in one hand and a letter from their bank manager in the other asking how they're going to pay back their debts.
Rowers are a very keen band of people, and so during our first week at Oxford all us freshers were gathered together in an upper room and asked if we wanted to join the college rowing team.
This would be much worse if communal breakfast was cancelled, agreed freshers Beki Taylor and Simone de Cassan, as ‘people would definitely not get to meet each other as much’.
A spokeswoman for St Catz said that, since the foundation of the college, first years and finalists have lived on the same staircase, noting that freshers also take examinations.