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freshen / освежать, свежеть, опреснять
refresh, freshen, freshen up, recreate, refurnish, sweeten
freshen, fresh, freshen up
desalinate, desalt, distil, freshen, distill, demineralize
make (something) newer, cleaner, or more attractive.
it didn't take long to freshen her makeup
(of wind) become stronger and colder.
As the match began the blustery wind freshened and cooled with the huge Hawks flag fluttering above the old pavilion.
(of a cow) give birth and come into milk.
Cows soon to freshen or with calves should have access to a magnesium-containing mineral supplement to help prevent grass tetany on pasture in the spring.
Winters are usually mild with an abundance of rain to freshen the rich soil.
This session, however, is sure to feature a myriad of stories to freshen the soul, from some of the festival's hip kids.
I thought about how funny it would be to see someone attempt to eat one in an effort to freshen their beer-breath.
Baking soda can also freshen musty carpets.
Mohammed dreamt up his alter ego working behind the counter at a drugstore, pining for something to freshen the job's tedium.
Mix it and its juices into the soup to freshen colour and flavour.
it didn't take long to freshen her makeup
They could do with investing in some Listerine to freshen their breath.
Use the same ideas to clean and freshen your garbage disposal.
it didn't take long to freshen her make-up