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fresco / фреска, фресковая живопись
имя существительное
fresco, mural, wall-painting
фресковая живопись
mural painting, fresco
украшать фресками
писать фрески
имя существительное
a painting done rapidly in watercolor on wet plaster on a wall or ceiling, so that the colors penetrate the plaster and become fixed as it dries.
Another few decades would pass before Filippino Lippi finished the bottom tier of frescoes left incomplete by Masaccio and Masolino.
paint in fresco.
four scenes had been frescoed on the wall
The Adams Davidson Galleries in Washington, D. C., is compiling a checklist of Cox's works in oils, tempera, fresco , and drawings for mosaics and stained-glass windows.
He reportedly turned down an offer of 6,000 scudi to fresco a loggia for the Doria in Genoa.
But in 1843 Parliament did agree to adorn its new home, the rebuilt Palace of Westminster, with historical subjects in fresco .
Southall, who experimented with true fresco and tempera, worked in Birmingham itself.
‘Life has its own rhythm, and so does fresco ,’ he says.
And this dining room is the most elegantly pretty in London, a marvellous fondant of gilding, marble and airhead fresco .
His assignment, to fresco a dome depicting Mary, Queen of Martyrs, was again supervised by Francisco Bayeu.
In the fine arts, the cartoon is a full-sized preliminary drawing for a work to be executed afterward in fresco , oil, mosaic, stained glass, or tapestry.
Thus, the art of fresco is necessarily piecemeal.
As King notes: ‘The technique of fresco was as simple in conception as it was difficult in execution’, requiring the painter to work quickly on wet plaster before it dried.