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frenetic / неистовый, исступленный, безумный
имя прилагательное
violent, outrageous, frantic, frenetic, berserk, fierce
ecstatic, frenetic, wild, delirious, phrenetic
insane, mad, crazy, frantic, reckless, frenetic
имя существительное
madman, frenetic, phrenetic
maniac, monomaniac, frenetic, phrenetic, energumen
имя прилагательное
fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way.
a frenetic pace of activity
The industry was in its infancy, personalities abounded and the pace of innovation was frenetic .
Plus, it was built slowly and carefully, not at the frenetic pace we saw at a large factory.
For the West Indies, Gayle got a century, not made at his usual frenetic pace.
Everything seems to be conducted at a frenetic pace, from talking to walking to driving.
He gives the film a peculiar pace, by starting with an intense and frenetic backstory.
From the opening whistle the pace was frenetic and the fans simply loved it.
Our most enduring achievements have resulted not from frenetic activity, but rather from quiet meditation.
The last thing coach Tony Dungy will do is attempt to match the Rams' frenetic pace.
The game had started at a frenetic pace as both sides sought to stamp their authority on the match.
Her writing is hectic and frenetic , but at the same time utterly controlled.