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frenchwoman / француженка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a female who is French by birth or descent.
A few female instructors, all native Frenchwomen , conducted the excellent French-language instruction.
Frenchmen are imploring Frenchwomen not to try to become citizens.
The book points out five subjects that Rochefort says she will never be able to figure out-food, sex, Frenchwomen , attitude toward money and Parisians.
While an undergraduate, he met Jeannine Marty, a Frenchwoman , on a train journey from the south of France to Paris; they married a year later, when he qualified.
But then, as the pace picked up with two laps to go, Holmes had a Budapest flashback as the Frenchwoman , Hind Dehiba, cut across ‘Dame Kelly’ and for a moment the Briton looked as if she was struggling for balance.
She discovered that it was far more likely for young Frenchwomen to have had relationships with Germans during the early years of the war.
Now we know firsthand how Frenchwomen stay slim - it's the shopping.
Some of the longest-living Frenchwomen reside in the southwest's Midi-Pyrenees region, which is famous for its fatty foie gras - made from the livers of overfed ducks and geese - and rustic red wines.
In her absence, her great rival, Eunice Barber, has recovered her best form, and yet the Frenchwoman has since been eclipsed by the startling young Swede, Carolina Kluft, who took the world title in Paris last year.
In fact, Freeman and Perec have not raced each other since 1996, at a post-Olympic meeting in Brussels when the Australian broke through for her sole triumph over the Frenchwoman .
she's a Frenchwoman