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freewheel / катиться с горы, свободно двигаться, свободно действовать
катиться с горы
roll downhill, free-wheel
свободно двигаться
свободно действовать
имя существительное
свободное колесо
спуск с горы с выключенным мотором
имя существительное
a device that allows a bicycle wheel to revolve forward while the crank is stationary.
Both the Combi and Classic have the clutch wheel mounted in front and the free wheel in the rear.
ride a bicycle with the pedals at rest, especially downhill.
he had come freewheeling down the road
Paul seems to think we're going to freewheel down it.
It was like peddling your guts out to get up a hill, only to freewheel down the other side.
You will have to build another rim onto that hub so that you can twist the hub hard enough to unscrew the freewheel .
I've been doing my own work for 20 years, but I can't figure out how to get any lube into the freewheel , much less how to actually open it up.
Teenagers freewheel on cycles, their feet in the air.
If it is too tight and you can get the freewheel off, you can loosen it much more easily by just using the cone wrenches.
I do so twice before I reach the summit, but I still feel triumphant as I freewheel down to the hostel on the other side.
He showed us how surprisingly easy it is to open the freewheel and service the bearings or pawls, although I doubt the sealed mechanism requires much maintenance.
The island measures three miles by two miles and it is possible to hire a bicycle to freewheel through the glorious vegetation and marvel at the strange granite rock formations.
It had wooden rims and no free wheel , but I thought it was a wonderful possession.