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freethinker / вольнодумец, атеист
имя существительное
freethinker, libertine
atheist, infidel, freethinker, pagan
имя существительное
a person who rejects accepted opinions, especially those concerning religious belief.
The religious freedom that enabled Protestants and Catholics to live in harmony made the Netherlands a haven for freethinkers and religious minorities.
Orphaned and blinded from childhood, he became an ascetic freethinker and materialist.
Should a teacher who is a freethinker or a deist, as were many of the country's earliest patriots, be forced to lie to her students by being required to lead them in the oath?
Since I've taken my place as a freethinker and an atheist, I'm happier in life now than ever before.
Ethan Allen was a freethinker , as atheists were known as back then.
What is even more remarkable, however, is that this reactionary tract was penned by a self-proclaimed freethinker and anarchist.
To the freethinker , revelation and faith are invalid, and orthodoxy is no guarantee of truth.
Thompson is the freethinking , questioning spirit of a population that once challenged its government instead of championing it.
Like Karl Marx, freethinkers regarded religion as oppressive.
Fundamentalists, conspiracy theorists, and plain folk live alongside freethinkers , environmentalists, artists, and scientists.
It was the century of religious freethinking , and printing outside Europe.