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freely / свободно, вольно, щедро
free, freely, loose, loosely, easily, naturally
freely, at ease
generously, lavishly, profusely, freely, largely
not under the control of another; as one wishes.
I roamed freely
Can you understand why people would be concerned about you making those statements, when as you freely admit that you don't have evidence to back them up?
you may speak freely
Heritage turkeys are allowed to roam freely in pastures and forage for food naturally.
Civilians often forgot that the military does not make policy but carries out the wishes of our freely elected government.
Had they been available to her freely , and free of charge, from the age of six, would the tragedy have been averted?
Open-access publishers charge study authors a printing fee and release the information freely .
Alcohol flowed freely as drinking games were started.
He freely admitted that magic depended on deception and sleight of hand but said: ‘Origami is real magic!’
People must be given the opportunity to freely express their wishes.
Others ask whether having all scientific information freely available to the public would really serve the public's best interest.