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freelance / внештатно, без договора
без договора
имя прилагательное
работающий без контракта
freelancing, freelance
имя существительное
lansquenet, lance knight, freelance
работать не по найму
действовать на свой страх и риск
имя прилагательное
working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company.
a freelance journalist
earn one's living as a freelance.
The rest of my income is earned by scraping together what I can from freelancing and speaking.
имя существительное
a freelance worker.
Casual staff, agency workers, freelances and home workers were among those considered only to have ‘worker’ status rather than the more formal ‘employee’ status.
a medieval mercenary.
The initial incursions into Ireland had been by marcher knights and other freelances from south Wales hired by Diarmait MacMurchadha, the King of Leinster.
earning one's living as a freelance.
I work freelance from home
She is a freelance filmmaker, television journalist, writer and activist based in Kolkata.
He resolves to become a freelance and solo operator.
After his retirement from Independent Newspapers in the late 1980s, he continued to work as a freelance journalist.
Instead, he wrote several books about race relations and education, and became a freelance journalist.
As a lonely freelance you do, of course, have the benefit of bypassing social activities with colleagues - basically because you don't have any.
She accepts that her BBC persona helped clinch the column, but points out that she was a newspaper freelance long before becoming a TV reporter.
So, with the turn of the new millennium, and her two boys planning to head off to university, she quit her job and set herself up as a freelance HR consultant.
Later, she moved to London where she worked as a freelance journalist for various newspapers and magazines, as well as TV.
She began her journalist career as a reporter on the Sheffield Star and went on to work as a freelance on the Daily Mail.
After spending much of the Depression as a freelance journalist touring shanty towns, Fuller began scriptwriting in Hollywood and publishing pulp novels.