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freehand / от руки
от руки
by hand, freehand
имя существительное
рисунок от руки
freehand drawing, freehand
свобода действий
discretion, swing, freehand
щедрая рука
имя прилагательное
сделанный от руки
имя прилагательное
(especially with reference to drawing) done manually without the aid of instruments such as rulers.
a freehand sketch
We're going to work freehand as well as with a few stencils - we might try the idea in the book of using chalk dust, or we may just use the chalks as-is.
With a shape that resembled a crystal formation, the sculpture was surrounded by a freehand drawing showing an aerial view of the city with its jumble of ancient monuments, modern buildings and winding streets.
‘I create them by freehand before transferring the designs to a computer,’ he said.
But where normal graffiti is executed freehand and as a one-off, stencil graffiti combines the Pop Art ethos of multiples with an aesthetic that mimics the punchy signage favoured by authority.
These pens are perfect for spontaneous freehand sketches as well as ink drawings with precise detail.
The term refers to freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting characterized by vivid expression and bold outlines.
Some artists use a stencil to transfer the design to the skin, others draw freehand .
They learn by visiting the campus, taking field measurements, making freehand sketches, and documenting their research in digital media.
In Germany in the sixteenth century the Briefmaler, or print colorist, either used stencils to cover predetermined portions of a print or executed the coloring freehand .
The intricate work, based on Victorian romantic decoration, was all done freehand using house paint.