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freedom / свобода, право, воля
имя существительное
freedom, liberty, latitude, play, disengagement, unrestraint
right, law, title, freedom, faculty, charter
will, freedom, volition, pleasure, liberty, purpose
имя существительное
the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
we do have some freedom of choice
the dog has the freedom of the house when we are out
Imprisoned Jews could buy freedom if they promised to leave the country, abandoning their assets.
The question of whether or not the killers qualify for freedom under the same agreement is one that has given rise to much public debate and disquiet.
Several approaches to the subject of religion and freedom have been touched upon.
At issue are weighty concepts like press freedom, freedom of belief and, of course, human rights.
government policies to achieve freedom from want
This is excellent news and a triumph for civil liberty and freedom of choice.
At stake is the fate of freedom and democracy as we know it.
The struggle cannot be separated from the struggle for freedom of despotism of all kinds.
those who fought for Irish freedom