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free-for-all / куча мала, всеобщая драка
имя существительное
куча мала
всеобщая драка
имя прилагательное
доступный для всех
public, popular, exoteric, omnibus, free-for-all
open, opened, uncovered, public, frank, free-for-all
имя существительное
a disorganized or unrestricted situation or event in which everyone may take part, especially a fight, discussion, or trading market.
The free-for-all was an event where the clowns fought each other with oversized mauls for ten minutes.
The roundabout had no markings before and sometimes could be a bit of a free-for-all , but everyone was used to it and I never heard of any crashes there.
Some are set up for moderated debate, some seem like a free-for-all , and some do not want arguments.
The curators can be applauded in their attempt to give structure to the traditional free-for-all .
Driving in Colombo's permanent rush-hour is a free-for-all in which the most daring chancer wins.
The music is loud and intense, and the dancing is more like a free-for-all karate-match than a style.
So the actual governing of this situation here right now is a little bit of a free-for-all .
The country is just too fragile for a journalistic free-for-all , they say.
a free-for-all on the topic ‘Woman and Writing’
While they watched their country disintegrate, the war became an international free-for-all .
Do we want these decisions to be planned and to know who the decision-makers are, or do we want to leave it to an industry free-for-all ?