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free-floating / свободно плавающий
свободно плавающий
freely floating
имя прилагательное
not attached to anything and able to move freely.
free-floating aquatic plants
(of anxiety) chronic and generalized, without an obvious cause.
Tension headaches, dry mouth, pounding pulse, neck and back pain, free-floating anxiety, hives, indigestion, irritability and fatigue are all indicators of stress.
They prefer to see a world of free-floating atoms, individuals simply making individual moral decisions.
You can take things and punish them, use processes that are so radical that it becomes something all on its own, free-floating organic music.
Words are not free-floating signs, they float all right, but not freely.
Consequently, nations with free-floating currencies will continue to lose competitiveness against some of the world's largest exporters and their respective imbalances will grow accordingly.
The HMD website discusses ‘prejudice, racism and other forms of bigotry’ as a kind of free-floating force which, when pushed to its extremes, can unleash a Holocaust.
After the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the IMF recommended that Indonesia adopt a free-floating exchange rate system for its local forex market, in which the rupiah's exchange rate is determined solely by market supply and demand.
Salps are filter feeders, each one a tireless vacuum continuously clearing phytoplankton (minute free-floating plants) from the sea by filtering water through a mucus net as it swims..
Instead of depleting precious foreign reserves, the government diverts the heavy demand for foreign currency to the free-floating exchange rate market.
While some consider giant salvinia to be an attractive aquatic plant, this free-floating fern is also an obnoxious invader that's sometimes referred to as ‘the world's worst water weed.’
I don't think there is much doubt that being an internationally used currency in a world of free-floating exchange rates gives you some (though pretty small) net gains.