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fraudulent / мошеннический, обманный
имя прилагательное
fraudulent, rascally, dishonest, swindling, fraudful, knavish
fraudulent, fraudful, defrauding
имя прилагательное
obtained, done by, or involving deception, especially criminal deception.
the fraudulent copying of American software
The affair triggered investigations which uncovered fraudulent accounting at several other major companies.
You have launched an attempt to crackdown on fraudulent claims, how much has this saved the industry?
The best way to avoid unscrupulous or fraudulent brokers is to do your homework beforehand.
Investigators say at least two and possibly as many as eight of the hijackers had fraudulent visas.
Thieves pay a stolen or fraudulent cheque into their victim's bank account.
It was the most rotten of rotten boroughs, a place where the corrupt, the fraudulent and the freeloaders prospered.
He is concerned that future elections could be decided by fraudulent voting manipulated by unscrupulous cartels and the like.
These agencies accept the risk that the original cheque may be fraudulent and to counter this risk they charge an upfront fee.
This fraudulent transaction set the stage for the unfortunate chain of events that was to follow.
I can think of no more obvious example of false and fraudulent patriotism than this.