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fraternize / брататься, побрататься, относиться по-братски
относиться по-братски
associate or form a friendship with someone, especially when one is not supposed to.
she ignored Elisabeth's warning glare against fraternizing with the enemy
A 20-year veteran of the peace movement, he had learned one of the inviolable laws of the left: thou shalt not fraternize with big business.
The elite wanted to fraternize with the Pakistanis who had accepted Urdu as the national language.
Once the agreement is in place, then, and only then, will we have the time and the mutual inclination to teach, educate, socialize, fraternize , and speak the language of peace.
He was a private person who kept himself to himself and didn't fraternise with neighbours but would acknowledge them.
During these months, especially at the beginning, there was a good deal of fraternization between the two sides, complete with competitions, gambling, and dinners.
Lawyers and judges, even in quite large cities, usually know each other quite well and regularly fraternise socially.
And as such, it's easy to get lost in the work - studying tape, charting tendencies, game-planning, building relationships with players and fraternizing with coaches.
She was fraternizing with a member of the band and it's unacceptable.
The 2001 rules limited fraternization among agents and informants and instituted a Confidential Informant Review Committee that included federal prosecutors.
My friend doesn't remember her and doesn't recall any of the football players fraternising with any of the local celebs.