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fraternal / братский
имя прилагательное
brotherly, fraternal
имя прилагательное
of or like a brother or brothers.
his lack of fraternal feeling shocked me
(of twins) developed from separate ova and therefore genetically distinct and not necessarily of the same sex or more similar than other siblings.
Studies with siblings and fraternal twins indicate the genetic component of the disease has relatively low penetrance.
The project team recruited potential study participants by working with churches, community and fraternal organizations, funeral homes, African American businesses, and universities.
The remaining two-thirds of twins are fraternal , resulting from two different eggs fertilized by two different sperm.
Here, he uses the metaphor of the moon to reflect the dark side of all human relations-this time, in a semi-autobiographical take on fraternal friction.
A study of identical and fraternal twins separated at birth and adopted into different families showed the same heritability.
If you don't have access to employer-provided health care, join a fraternal or professional organization to get access to insurance at group rates.
Later, Romanian immigrants gathered at the headquarters of mutual aid societies and fraternal organizations where they discussed news from Romania, read or wrote letters, and sang religious or popular songs.
Around the same time, many lay Roman Catholic organizations were also founded; fraternal and social organizations were formed for men, women, workers, students, and other lay groups.
The fraternal filmmaking team manages to make crass, stupid, lurid jokes, while also maintaining a heart and evoking old-fashioned schmaltz.
This is evident both in their declining numbers, as well as in the decreasing number of their ethnic institutions, churches, cultural organizations, and fraternal organizations.
No, it does not achieve the sensation of the friend's living embrace or the shock of a fraternal admonition.