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frankfurter / сосиска
имя существительное
sausage, banger, frankfurter, weenie, snag, red-hot
имя существительное
a seasoned smoked sausage typically made of beef and pork.
Part of the German family of smooth, mild pork or pork-and-beef sausages, frankfurters have always been the food of the people, served with grated horseradish or mustard and eaten at street stalls throughout Germany and Austria.
As for those we passed on, especially tempting were the Salmon with Red Caviar and the Tempora Dogs, the latter a breaded frankfurter that a chubby guy at the next table seemed to swallow whole.
The author guides us through the best sausages from the UK and elsewhere, from the French andouillette to the Italian luganeghe, German frankfurter and South African boerewors.
I expected to bite into a frankfurter that tasted like the kind my mother made - hot out of the frying pan topped with the perfect amount of yellow mustard.
The only danger they face is from health problems brought about by thoughtless divers tempting them with unsuitable food like bread and frankfurter sausages.
But it's a frankfurter served up Chilean-style, and that means a liberal topping of chopped tomatoes, guacamole and mayonnaise.
Sausages, called wurst in German, have become so popular in America that names such as wiener (from wienerwurst) and frankfurter (from Frankfurt in Germany) are synonymous with a whole class of food.
Researchers found that aroma compounds, which affect flavor, appear to be released more slowly and last longer in regular frankfurters than in the lower-fat variety.
We started off with hot frankfurters and fresh pepper slices, moved through cheese and tortilla chips and finished up with seedless grapes and strawberries dipped in chocolate mousse.
There seems more than enough reason to keep our consumption of frankfurters and hot dogs to a minimum.
Each experiment used two ground beef patties or frankfurters .