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franciscan / францисканский
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
Franciscan, Minor, gray friar, Minorite, grey friar, greylag-friar
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or denoting St. Francis or the Franciscans.
Scientists are using brain imaging to pinpoint the circuits that are active and connecting when Tibetan Buddhists meditate and Franciscan nuns pray.
имя существительное
a friar, sister, or lay member of a Christian religious order founded in 1209 by St. Francis of Assisi, or of an order based on Franciscan rule. The Franciscan orders are noted for preachers and missionaries.
Christian outposts founded by Dominicans, Franciscans , and Augustinians grew into towns.
At the age of 39 he entered the Order of Franciscans .
There may be, indeed, a tendency in this exhibition to overinterpret works through the lens of Franciscan patronage and production.
The Franciscans , or Friars Minor, came to York c.1230; their first custodian had been personally associated with Francis of Assisi.
Unlike the other mendicant orders founded in the thirteenth century, the Franciscans were blessed, and burdened, by having a profoundly charismatic founder.
So as one Franciscan priest pointed out to me, there's the sanctity of the stones of the church.
His influence endures to this day and his followers, Franciscans of every walk of life, are often involved in environmental action.
Originally dedicated to Corpus Domini, the unusual design of the choir of the nuns in clausura, allowing visibility of the host during mass, is emphasised here, together with the Angevin dynasty's strong links with Franciscan piety.
This was matched by a spiritual resurgence which we see very much in what was known as ‘the observant reform’ which was a reform of the mendicant orders like the Franciscans and the Dominicans.
On the face of it, this seems an entirely legitimate objection, and even one that might be thought to be in sympathy with Franciscan ideals.
Being a member of the third order of Franciscans , she prays the Rosary and other religious prayers every day.