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frame-up / ложное обвинение, подтасовка фактов, судебная инсценировка
имя существительное
ложное обвинение
подтасовка фактов
судебная инсценировка
тайный сговор
collusion, conspiracy, frame-up
provocation, frame-up
имя прилагательное
staged, frame-up
имя существительное
a conspiracy to falsely incriminate someone.
So far we don't have sufficient evidence to decide whether he committed a crime or whether it was a frame-up or a political conspiracy.
When he witnesses yet another murder being committed by his client, intimidation, kidnapping, and a vicious frame-up conspire to try to keep him from telling what he knows.
When he disappears, and she eventually tries to find and help him, she too becomes enmeshed in the state frame-up against her husband.
Almost from the outset, their arrest showed signs of being a frame-up .
A campaign against the frame-up was immediately launched by the International Labor Defense, the legal and defense arm of the US Communist Party.
a police frame-up
The accusations of sabotage are being viewed among workers as a crude frame-up attempt, aimed at creating conditions to sack the crew and bypass the court.
He denied the charges and accused the government of orchestrating a frame-up .
Significantly, in the vast majority of these cases, the victims of police frame-up confessed rather than take their chances in the court system.
But it did not occur to me that there could be a mistake, that he could be innocent, let alone the victim of a frame-up .
If it was intended to become part of a frame-up , it was sloppily done.