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frailty / хрупкость, бренность, непрочность
имя существительное
fragility, frailty, delicacy, frailness
frailty, caducity
frailty, frailness
имя существительное
the condition of being weak and delicate.
the increasing frailty of old age
That ageing is an independent contributor is not surprising, because frailty increases with age, raising the risk of falls and failure of other organ systems.
As it transpired, the team only needed three to win and while their manager must fret over his side's sudden frailty , he again noted that it is a rich source of entertainment for the rest of us.
He seemed to me to be really old, but even in death to be lacking in that common frailty I tended to view all the elderly as possessing.
As if to emphasise his credentials, he has been at it again this week, hauling himself into contention at the Masters with a familiar mixture of fearlessness and frailty .
Whatever he is, we certainly do not expect such frailty and inability to act on one's own from a generation on whom the future of our country rests.
The frailty of the government's authority was underscored on the road north, when we were stopped at a roadblock by a group of men with assault rifles.
The beauty of a living thing springs directly from its frailty , its coming and its going.
He excels at writing about sex and sexuality, which he describes with a graceful wonder that encompasses love's frailty and its brutality at once.
The frailty of memory in general is an important theme, but how an epidemic of that proportion gets virtually wiped out of the collective memory is still a mystery.
Perhaps so, but the great attraction of sport is that, still in 2001, it holds a mirror to the human condition in all its strength and frailty .