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fragrance / аромат, благоухание
имя существительное
aroma, flavor, fragrance, odor, perfume, bouquet
fragrance, aroma, odor, perfume, redolence, fragrancy
имя существительное
a pleasant, sweet smell.
the fragrance of fresh-ground coffee
The colour of the room, the fragrance , the clean smell of the white sheets, what an ambience!
The light fragrance permeating the autumn air will make you feel intoxicated.
He put his nose closer and smelt it, nodding at the pleasant fragrance .
the bushes fill the air with fragrance
Now would be the right time to relaunch the perfume line or to launch a new fragrance .
the fragrance of fresh-ground coffee
The sweet fragrance of white roses and lilies - the Princess's favourite blooms - filled the air.
I plucked a stem of vale-lily and held its tiny white bells to my nose, inhaling the sweet fragrance .
All agreed that it was okay to be able to smell a woman's fragrance if she was close to them, but not if she was on the other side of the room.
To toast, place the spice mix in a bone dry frying pan and heat it until warm and you can smell the fragrance .