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fragmentation / фрагментация, дробление, раздробление
имя существительное
crushing, fragmentation, breaking, milling, crush, shredding
fragmentation, disintegration, comminution, cutting
имя существительное
the process or state of breaking or being broken into small or separate parts.
the fragmentation of society into a collection of interest groups
Any data that is written to the drive after it is optimized will contribute to fragmentation of the drive.
The most significant threats include habitat loss, fragmentation , and degradation.
What is certain is that the ostrich-like behaviour of Europe's policy elite hastens the fragmentation process.
Fragmentation of government implies fragmentation of policy processes.
Similar to a disk defragmenter, Registry Compactor analyzes the Registry and checks for fragmentation .
Disk fragmentation is a normal occurrence that happens over time as you edit and save files.
Recent population numbers have declined most often due to habitat fragmentation and loss.
Poetry forged a common identity, overcoming this fragmentation to provide the basis for a homogeneous memory.
Many of these problems seem to stem from fragmentation of electoral law and processes.
The process of fragmentation and diversification has continued and, indeed, intensified.