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fragmentary / фрагментарный, отрывочный, обломочный
имя прилагательное
sketchy, fragmentary, desultory, snippy, snatchy, touch-and-go
clastic, fragmentary
имя прилагательное
consisting of small parts that are disconnected or incomplete.
excavations have revealed fragmentary remains of masonry
The medical information conveyed in these ads is fragmentary and sometimes misleading.
The fragmentary nature of the rest of the skeletons recovered made gender identification impossible.
Having some experience of metal working, he recognised the fragmentary remains as crucibles and clay casting moulds.
Excavations yielded the remains of at least six adults in the chambers, together with fragmentary remains of children.
The only problem then is the fragmentary nature of the production.
Not much, perhaps, beyond the fragmentary evidence of case studies and field reports.
The remains are very fragmentary , since it served as a quarry for building materials for many centuries.
And what utterly fascinated us was the incompleteness, the fragmentary quality of his writing.
In the recording studios their emphasis on fragmentary noises and localised sound added a whole new dimension to music.
The footage was fragmentary and shot in grainy black and white.