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fragment / фрагмент, отрывок, осколок
имя существительное
passage, excerpt, fragment, snippet, place, sketch
splinter, fragment, chip, fraction, shatter, flake
dilapidate, fragment
burst, fragment
disintegrate, fragment
имя существительное
a small part broken or separated off something.
small fragments of pottery, glass, and tiles
break or cause to break into fragments.
his followers fragmented into sects
The arguments of both are based on the fragment of an ancient text, preserved by accident in a remote province.
Every fact is valuable, like a fragment of pottery to an archaeologist.
There, I just shared a fragment of my unfortunate life in front of strangers.
Then you notice, down at the bottom and off to the side, a fragment of a temporary wooden fence, broken and collapsing.
Remember: what you see here is a tiny fragment of people's lives, the portion they choose to share, and it's often very different to the full picture.
She's still trying to piece together the fragments of other people's memories.
He just kept shivering and muttering incoherent fragments of distorted English.
Finally, the reported results demonstrated that the fragmental approach can be useful to explore the local properties, assuring a substantial agreement with the template structure.
I'd given them the pieces, the fragments of knowledge, and they'd put them together to build that.
I like fragments of writing and particularly enjoyed this piece.