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frag / осколочная граната
имя существительное
осколочная граната
имя существительное
a hand grenade.
Releasing his grip, he pulled the pin on a frag grenade and dropped it into the cockpit.
deliberately kill (an unpopular senior officer), typically with a hand grenade.
The end result is always disintegration and defeat; troops have not yet started fragging their officers, the suicide rate among them is already exceptionally high.
If we do enough clearing rooms, if we have to take over and clear rooms, you guys are throwing a frag in every room we come to.
He put two frag grenades, two smoke grenades and two chaff grenades into their respective compartments.
All the Army had to do was toss a frag down that spider hole and this would have been over.
Possibly the worst example was when I told my colleagues to throw a frag grenade into a room.
It'd be impossible to get in with mere frag grenades or bullets.
You'll be armed with a rifle, frag grenades, and mines, with the ability to use motion sensors and electromagnetic detection goggles.
Telling them they have been lied to and mistreated is to ask them to frag their leaders; you are traitors to them and their leaders for engaging in this irresponsible speech.
Releasing his grip, he pulled the pin on a frag grenade and dropped it into the cockpit.
Sometimes even generals have to frag their superiors, if their superiors obviously are going to lead them to disaster, but they can enforce change without upsetting political appearances.
Then I grab my belt and stock it with clips, a SPP 9mm, five grenades, three frag and 2 smoke, and thermacharge.