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fractional / дробный, фракционный, частичный
имя прилагательное
fractional, divisional, fractionary, partitive
fractional, factious, fractionary
partial, fractional, half, piecemeal, local, fractionary
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or expressed as a numerical value that is not a whole number, especially a fraction less than one.
Both have identical fractional parts after the decimal point.
He also worked on asymptotic analysis, fractional integration and singular partial differential equations.
There the author describes how mathematicians moved from studying first derivatives, second derivatives, etc., to study fractional derivatives.
And my input is a tiny, fractional thing of a film, and how it's dealt with in post-production, how the studio is marketed.
Note that sometimes a new point will be plotted further to the right than any previous one (i.e. its fractional part will be larger than any before it).
There are sections of the book devoted to arithmetic and geometric progressions, including progressions with a fractional numbers of terms, and formulas for the sum of certain finite series are given.
This number could be either integral or fractional .
Since, for example, a proton has a charge of + 1, a quark would have a fractional charge.
The second algorithm involves linear programming with randomized rounding to convert fractional assignments into integral ones.
Tiny though this fractional increase seems when expressed this way, the overall amounts are huge.
The computer programs implement basic mathematical principles such as basic geometry and fractional math.