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fracas / скандал, потасовка, ссора
имя существительное
scandal, scene, fracas, stink, roughhouse, affray
scrimmage, scrap, fracas, bicker, set-to, hand-play
quarrel, row, altercation, contention, bickering, fracas
имя существительное
a noisy disturbance or quarrel.
There were fights and fracas where I saw guns, knives, baseball bats and the rest, but nothing I couldn't handle.
During the fracas , a single gun shot was fired leaving a 24-year-old man wounded..
The fracas seems to be primarily the work of one person, presuming to speak for the entire class, when in fact he spoke only for himself.
The full video of the fracas was shown and all of the personnel caught on camera making physical contact were identified.
Spectators who witnessed the fracas summoned police who arrived within minutes to find the incident had fizzled out.
the fracas was broken up by stewards
The fracas over his cabinet appointments provides further evidence of a style of leadership that could be described as detached at best.
Three men were injured in the fracas and were in hospital.
She suffered a suspected fractured cheekbone and claimed to have had blurred vision and numbness in her face following the fracas .
The fracas , in which punches were traded and others were knocked to the ground, lasted about four minutes.
Apparently knives and shotguns had just been wielded during a fracas in the bar and the local constabulary were called in to help out.