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foyer / фойе
имя существительное
lobby, foyer, crush room
имя существительное
an entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public, especially a hotel or theater.
As part of the revamp, the unique auditorium will remain, with only technical improvements, but there are plans for two new studios, a workshop, expanded offices, dressing rooms and public foyers , and terrace spaces.
I bought my ticket at the desk in the public foyer - a wonderfully light and airy reception area.
He spotted the professor in the foyer of the building, about to head to his office.
I was worrying about this in the foyer of a hotel in Paris while waiting for Justin to show up.
It was described as an open concept building with a grand foyer and vaulted ceilings.
It acted as a foyer , a reception area, and an arts space, although we hardly ever displayed any art there.
Not too many people were in the hotel foyer , so they didn't cause too much of a scene.
Mia stood in the foyer of the large house, hanging her coat, scarf and gloves on the coat rack.
It's three o'clock in the afternoon and I've been waiting an hour for her in the foyer of a London hotel.
Jessica stopped in her tracks when she saw her family waiting in the hotel foyer for her.
Jay appeared by my side and pulled me into the foyer of the huge house, he led me to a kitchen and handed me a beer.