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foxy / лисий, хитрый, рыжий
имя прилагательное
foxy, of fox, vulpine
cunning, tricky, sly, artful, crafty, foxy
red, ginger, rufous, carroty, foxy, Judas-colored
имя прилагательное
resembling or likened to a fox.
a terrier with a foxy expression
Will you please go tell Mara and that foxy chick you're with to come down for dinner?
They had a female singer who also played the occasional keyboard line on a synth, a very foxy left-handed bass player (she was lovely!) and the guitarist chappy who I'd previously seen playing with another band.
There had been substantial bias against such new varieties, especially those including genes from American vine species, because of historical associations with poor wine quality and foxy flavours.
Her skin was pale and unblemished like mine, and she had a nose like mine too - all foxy and pointy.
The sweetest moments for a fighter are when time has given him the rounds to make him foxy and clever, but has not yet robbed him of the wherewithal to put it into to action.
By night, he toils on his self-indulgent solo art film, obsessively documenting the minutiae of his life while the bigger picture-the growing distance between him and his foxy French lady friend Marlene-eludes him.
Tall, mature, single, blue-blooded aristocrat, seeks tall, mature foxy lady who loves dressing in furs.
Oh yeah, and the instructor was pretty damn foxy too.
Like many photographers, he goes after kids, babies, foxy ladies, handsome men.
Well, the other morning I pulled into the parking lot at the Sovereign Centre (a local shopping centre), and as I was looking for a spot to park, I saw this foxy looking lady walking to her car.