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foxtail / лисохвост, лисий хвост
имя существительное
лисий хвост
foxtail, foxbrush
имя существительное
a common meadow grass that has soft brushlike flowering spikes.
The most common cool-season grasses are orchard grass, smooth brome, meadow brome and creeping foxtail .
Dock, foxtail , jimsonweed, johnsongrass, morning glory, wild nightshades and ragweed indicate a soil low in calcium and phosphorus.
The life cycle of these winter annual weeds differs from summer annuals like foxtail and velvet leaf which typically germinate and produce seed within the growing season.
Many prevalent weed species - such as foxtail and summer annual grasses - thrive in hard compacted soils that are often also low in calcium and high in magnesium.
I know of one person whose dog had some severe problems caused by foxtail embedding itself in his ear.
Whereas his fields used to sprout hemp dogbane and wirestem mully, now the troublemakers are mainly foxtail and pigweed, with buttonweed showing up some years, and some horseweed in the small grain.
To localize genes of interest we have used common markers among foxtail millet, maize, and rice genomes.
Surveys taken after winter wheat harvest in west central and southwest Nebraska usually show barnyardgrass and green foxtail as the leading summer annual grasses infesting winter wheat fields.
Over the years, he has seen his weeds change from tough, hard to manage weeds, such as quack grass or thistle, to less noxious weeds that are easier to control, such as foxtail and common ragweed.
The hairlike bristles sticking out all over the inflorescence are typical of foxtail grasses.
Species found in the meadows include great burnet, meadow foxtail , red fescue, meadow saffron, narrow-leaved water-dropwort, mousetail, and the unusual small-flowered winter-cress on bare banks of the Severn.