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foxhound / английская гончая, английская паратая гончая
имя существительное
английская гончая
английская паратая гончая
имя существительное
a dog of a smooth-haired breed with drooping ears, often trained to hunt foxes in packs over long distances.
By the late thirteenth century, King Edward I had a royal pack of foxhounds but it was not until several centuries later that foxhunting was generally taken up by the nobility.
The Jack Russell was originally bred to assist the foxhound in its work, but how many people in this country ride to hounds any more?
It is a role that sees him take responsibility for the hatching of partridge eggs, watching out for fly-tippers as well as organising foxhound , beagle and lurcher club meets and seeing to the needs of shooting syndicates.
A fearless horseman, he was a joint master of foxhounds and served as medical officer with the Scottish Horse in the Territorial Army.
A crowd of more than 100 people saw sheepdogs drive and foxhounds trail, but some competition categories had few entries, and one had none.
The roll will include seven packs of beagles, one pack of minkhounds, two packs of harriers, two packs of fell foxhounds and 13 packs of foxhounds .
Training young foxhounds (which have no natural inclination to kill foxes) begins early in the season with ‘cubbing,’ where the new hounds are encouraged to chase and kill fox cubs.
More than 10,100 competitors were expected to take part in 25 different sections at the three-day event, ranging from pigeons to cattle and foxhounds to flower arranging.
The Sporting magazine of 1800 lists all of the packs of foxhounds in England.
I have in my capacity as an obedience pet instructor had 2 foxhounds attend my training sessions, both animals were ex hunting dogs and took long-term patience and perseverance to acclimatise them to a normal pet lifestyle.
From foxhounds to sheep dogs, none can be successful in their natural inclinations without proper training.