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fourthly / в-четвертых
in the fourth place (used to introduce a fourth point or reason).
fourthly, and last, there are variations in context that influence the process
Firstly, the coach and employee agree what the goals of coaching are; secondly, they analyse the present position/reality; thirdly they explore the available options; fourthly they identify and commit to a course of action.
If I was hearing the case, and able to establish that firstly, the man was hungry; secondly, that he was a first offender; thirdly, that the food was retrieved; and fourthly , that he was unemployed; I would have given him a warning.
fourthly, and last, there are variations in context that influence the process
And, fourthly , those who did not meet the criteria for an appointment are monitored by their doctor and should their conditions change are referred back to their specialists.
Secondly, to stop paramilitary activities, thirdly significant disarmament, and fourthly , a public statement that conflict is over.
Four issues are therefore addressed: firstly, the power of knowing who you are; secondly, discovering what matters most to you; thirdly, doing something about what matters most and fourthly , a broader view on what matters most.
And fourthly , are the directors trying to do too much?
And, fourthly , we have the involvement of the Norwegian facilitators, and that has made a considerable difference.
And then fourthly , we need greater awareness on the part of the parents.
And fourthly I look forward to going through the rest of the site.