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fourth / четверть, четвертое число
имя существительное
fourth, quarter, reveal, rabbet
четвертое число
имя прилагательное
constituting number four in a sequence; 4th.
the fourth and fifth centuries
The team's fourth management team in four years is now in place.
I didn't think they made gearboxes this bad any more - the gate is far too tight so that I was forever slotting from first to fourth .
By the fourth quarter the game grows a personality and everybody starts to play defense.
It focuses on the key variables offered by the traditional model as components of household financial distress: first, high levels of household indebtedness; second, unemployment and downsizing; third, divorce; and fourth , health problems, health care costs, and lack of health insurance.
You have the third ring, the fourth ring and the fifth ring.
If they're long enough to hit the limiter in third then that slick shifting close ratio box will enable you to get into fourth without the engine dropping out of the VTEC zone.
that's the fourth in the series
his fourth match this year
By challenging the need for contact between the two sexes, Greek myths of the fifth and fourth centuries bc express unease about the need for women as a means to continue the human race.
The club finished in fourth place in this National Clubs competition - one place higher than last year.