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fourteen / четырнадцать
equivalent to the product of seven and two; one more than thirteen, or six less than twenty; 14.
they had spent fourteen days in solitary confinement
There are fourteen contributors, and thirteen admit to an ongoing full or part time academic appointment.
In 1901 the school leaving age was set at fourteen , but in 1944 it was raised to fifteen.
While she might have indeed been sixteen years old, she could have easily passed for fourteen or even thirteen.
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
I was fourteen and she was seven and we were both awestruck by the large house by the shimmering lake.
She looked after her father and brothers from the age of fourteen on the untimely death of her mother.
The graves were well made of round limestone, they were about four feet long, one foot wide and about fourteen inches deep.
number fourteen
All thirteen girls and fourteen boys raced each other once Mr. Fleur blew his whistle.
he left school at fourteen