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foursome / группа из четырех человек, компания из четырех человек, игра в гольф между двумя парами
имя существительное
группа из четырех человек
компания из четырех человек
игра в гольф между двумя парами
имя прилагательное
состоящий из четырех
имя существительное
a group of four people.
The foursome downed four courses of Arcodoro's famous Sardinian food during the three-hour repast.
The foursome were playing at a family function when the idea for a CD first arose.
The duo is better known for their winning streak in the 1990s as part of the awesome foursome .
The General released the unhappy foursome from his gaze, and continued walking.
But the group's 25th anniversary has given the foursome an excuse to reunite, with the tour stopping in Atlantic City tomorrow and New Brunswick on June 28.
Having a social evening as a foursome is fine, but it's probably better to organise something at home.
In time, Jacob and Sarah fall in love, and the foursome becomes a family.
he and his fiancée made a foursome with Helen and me
If you don't make any changes, your active foursome remains the same for the next day.
In an attempt to broaden their audience, the foursome is going after an older audience now.
Even with the fearsome foursome , we didn't win any games.