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fourfold / вчетверо, четырежды
имя прилагательное
fourfold, quadruple
имя прилагательное
four times as great or as numerous.
there has been a fourfold increase in break-ins
by four times; to four times the number or amount.
the price of electricity rose fourfold
The much hailed zero-tolerance regime in Sweden has led to a fourfold increase in drug-related deaths since 1995, now resulting in the highest death rate per capita in the whole of Europe.
In the past decade, in Scotland, there has been an almost 50% increase in oral cancer among under-45s, and in the last 40 years a fourfold increase in younger patients suffering from it.
Multi-million pound plans would see the output from the site increase fourfold , or enough electricity to supply around 22,000 homes.
As indicated by the shaded areas in the figure, the cavity is connected to outside through two types of channels having threefold and fourfold symmetries.
This cavity is connected to outside through channels with threefold and fourfold symmetry that are thought to provide permeation pathways for iron ions and protons, essential for proper functioning of ferritin as an iron depository.
In Bangkok, the number of non-Thais checking in for treatment at the leading private hospital, Bumrungrad, has increased fourfold since 1996.
This represents a fourfold increase in investment spend in the British market since 2000.
When I saw Marshall's name drift into the picture, my skepticism increased fourfold .
His target is to increase turnover fourfold , to hit the #12 million mark by 2003 and establish the company as a UK market leader through a series of acquisitions and partnerships.
Some waterfront areas like Canton, where there has been a fourfold increase in property values, are blossoming.