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four-stroke / четырехтактный
имя прилагательное
denoting an internal combustion engine having a cycle of four strokes (intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust).
Unlike two-stroke engines that have simple openings or ports for intake and exhaust, four-stroke engines have intake and exhaust valves at each cylinder head.
имя существительное
a four-stroke engine or vehicle.
It weighs just slightly more than a comparable two stroke, a major break-through because just a few years ago, marine techies said four-strokes were unlikely to ever go higher than 100 hp.
I've just bought a Honda four-stroke , the Rolls Royce of mowers.
This was replaced in 1956 by a bigger four-stroke engine offering 297 cubic centimetres of raw power.
The first display showed the insides of a four-stroke engine, clutch assembly, gearbox, propeller shaft and differential gear box.
Most smaller gas powered four-stroke engines tend to run a 30 weight oil.
We moved from Stumps to Flemming's Bay, a trip of about five miles, which took less than ten minutes due to Mike having a ninety-horse power, four-stroke engine.
Things just got a little easier with Garelick's motor bracket for four-stroke motors.
Two-stroke motorcycles should pay more pollution tax than four-stroke motorcycles and Euro2 compliant cars should pay no taxes at all.
Power plants for this class of racing are four-stroke engines with a capacity limit of 1 litre with any number of cylinders in any configuration.
The new model, designed exclusively for India, is powered by a 102 cc air-cooled, four-stroke engine with automatic transmission.
The four-stroke engine shows the cross-section of an engine complete with all functions such as fuel intake, ignition, piston compression, exhaust, and so on.