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four-star / четыре звезды
четыре звезды
имя прилагательное
(especially of a hotel or restaurant) given four stars in a grading system, typically one in which this denotes the highest or next to the highest class or quality.
Total Ski has a flight departing Edinburgh on December 12 with accommodation at the four-star Chalet Perelia.
His interviews became notorious, often pitting a four-star admiral against a midshipman or junior officer in his twenties.
Horacio Rivero, a Puerto Rican, became the Navy's first Hispanic four-star admiral.
If you fancy a trip to London, you could stay at the central four-star Grange White Hall hotel in Bloomsbury from £67.50 per person a night (including breakfast).
From the lucky draw, visitors can win a free trip to Singapore for four days and three nights with accommodation in local four-star hotels.
And the hotel will also have a new £1.5 million on-site leisure club plus access to its four-star accommodation.
Commanded by a four-star general, USSOCOM is a unified combatant command with three service components.
Their four-star accommodation is a modern, fully fitted four-bedroomed house at Correymore.
A soldier's soldier, he liked to be photographed in a combat jacket festooned with grenades and found his four-star commands frustrating.
The author argues that the military's four-star regional commanders have usurped the influence and authority of the State Department and local ambassadors.
The period of January 22-23, 1973, marked the high point of stellar visitors, in which the Academy hosted three four-star generals in two days.