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four-by-four / четыре на четыре
имя существительное
a vehicle with four-wheel drive.
Meanwhile, in Kendal, a short convoy of boats, cars and four-by-fours took the report to the Lake District National Park Authority offices at Murley Moss.
One of the reasons people buy a four-by-four is for its high-drive position, and the X-Trail offers this together with plenty of glass for all-round viewing.
Caught in my imagining, I miss the U-turn of the escort truck and am jolted by the roaring four-by-four off-roading as it swerves around our vehicle.
In April the To's were met with a four-by-four in their front garden after a drunken driver crashed through their wooden fence.
He could feel the joy at seeing Bill and Dorothy climbing out of the four-by-four , helping Elizabeth to the ground.
Steve replied as he walked to his four-by-four .
Not long afterwards he pulled up on the drive in his four-by-four , having come straight from filming.
Bri put the plates in the sink, locked the door and followed Shane up to the silver-blue four-by-four , frowning.
‘We really need a four-by-four ,’ Côté suggests.
‘Driving a car without an adult,’ he smiled again and jerked his head to a four-by-four parked in front of Bri's house.
We have been able to access it using all terrain vehicles and four-by-fours , and, unfortunately, it caused some damage even to the four-by-fours that we have been using.