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fountain / фонтан, источник, колодец
имя существительное
fountain, waterworks, font
source, spring, origin, fountain, fount, wellspring
well, sump, fountain, draw-well
имя существительное
a natural spring of water.
The mineral water of the numerous fountains , natural springs and wells, have an almost uniform chemical composition, temperature and sulphide content.
spurt or cascade like a fountain.
an enormous curtain of lava fountained into the sky
Therefore, consumers should not expect to find a fountain of youth in a jar.
Along the way they stopped at a fountain and drank some spring water.
A white marble fountain was rooted in the middle of wide white marble stairs leading to the second story.
We soon came to a large village square with a beautiful fountain in the center.
Soon, Talia saw a beautiful marble fountain with water shooting up from its top and then splashing back down.
To him, water seemed like a fountain of knowledge and a symbol of life.
A small fountain , a pool of water or a miniature waterfall adds to the charm of rock gardens.
The musical dancing fountain offers a synchronised rhythmic ballet of water, sound and lights.
He sat by the fountain in the garden in the center of the school.
However, the large stone fountain in front was still running, shooting water from three different places.