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fount / источник, шрифт, резервуар
имя существительное
source, spring, origin, fountain, fount, wellspring
font, type, print, letter, fount, printing type
tank, reservoir, vessel, container, basin, fount
имя существительное
a source of a desirable quality or commodity.
our courier was a fount of knowledge
our courier was a fount of knowledge
Having proved myself the fount of all world knowledge, I returned Lisa to Brighton on Tuesday evening, in time for our 7 month anniversary on Wednesday, a landmark we celebrated with a visit to the drive-thru McDonalds.
While the internet is indeed a fount of knowledge, and might well be able to assist you in your quest, certain refinements to your terms are needed.
I am pleased to be able to share with them the fount of knowledge I have on this particular issue.
In turn, the film's title comes to suggest a greater theme about the attempts of humanity to comprehend the apparently incomprehensible - this endeavour being the fount of science, mathematics, philosophy and, yes, art.
Cyberspace becomes the virtual library and university - and the fount of all knowledge.
If the member is suggesting that I am the fount of all knowledge, in advance of hearing what other members have to say, I take that as a great compliment but I am afraid that my natural humility will not allow me to accept it.
As the fount of all knowledge, the pastor's job is to overflow with spiritual truth each week while the congregation sits and absorbs this wisdom.
I am now a fount of knowledge about this wondrous organisation.
Suddenly, he was the fount of all knowledge about the New Zealand economy and New Zealand society.