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foundation / фундамент, основы, основа
имя существительное
foundation, basement, base, groundwork, footing, substructure
basics, foundation, fundamental, elements, outlines, element
warp, basis, base, foundation, framework, ground
имя существительное
the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level.
As Fry cut the vinyl siding, the parkland around him was bustling with construction teams pouring concrete and building solid new foundations .
an underlying basis or principle for something.
this idea is the foundation of all modern economics
the action of establishing an institution or organization on a permanent basis, especially with an endowment.
Larry was given a special Comhaltas award last year for his extraordinary service to the organisation since its foundation in 1951.
Third, locate the building where the foundation can be poured on undisturbed ground.
this idea is the foundation of all modern economics
this idea is the foundation of all modern economics
All three arguments are without legal foundation .
This colourless gel acts as a barrier between skin and foundation , making the base last longer and stay looking fresh.
These two great pieces of legislation were the foundation of public health principles of our country.
They were just based on some report from a dodgy journalist, with probably no foundation whatsoever.
misleading accusations with no foundation
Values are a very large part of the culture and foundation of any organization.
If lipstick looks too shiny on your eyelids, dust your lids with loose powder foundation to tone down the color.