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fossilized / закоснеть, превращать в окаменелость, превращаться в окаменелость
превращать в окаменелость
превращаться в окаменелость
имя прилагательное
preserved to become a fossil.
a fossilized bone
preserve (an organism) so that it becomes a fossil.
the hard parts of the body are readily fossilized
The teenagers take the frozen caveman to paleontologists who study the intact, fossilized remains.
For example, the internal organs are especially well preserved in the fossilized Ottoia worms.
Amber is a translucent, yellowish mineral made of fossilized resin.
The varicolored bands running across the hills are fossilized soils.
Their hypothesis can be tested by the discovery of fossilized stomach contents for Pakicetus.
The 130-million-year-old spider silk was found in fossilized amber from Lebanon.
There is the added question of how the dinosaurs are to be fossilised in a desert.
Vertebrates were once the only major animal group not found fossilised in the Cambrian system of rocks.
The reef system is made up of fossilised dunes.
Even more remarkable than the evidence of prehistoric man was the discovery of thousands of fossilised animal bones.