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fossilize / закоснеть, превращать в окаменелость, превращаться в окаменелость
превращать в окаменелость
превращаться в окаменелость
preserve (an organism) so that it becomes a fossil.
the hard parts of the body are readily fossilized
However, the paucity of modern cycad trunks to cycadeoid trunks in the fossil record suggests that the modern cycad trunks did not fossilize as readily as the extinct variety.
flowers do not readily fossilize
flowers do not readily fossilize
Thus, for example, he argues that such elements were present in osteostraci, but failed to fossilize .
Fossilized bones say nothing about external layers, and skin and clothes don't fossilize well.
This ham, flour, and hat have not even taken 110 years to fossilize .
Bird bones are thin, small and hollow and do not fossilize well; but we are gradually accumulating a good many enantiornithine - and perhaps even archaeornithine - fossils.
It's made of wood and left to fossilize : to gather minerals and geologically imprint itself on the side of a mountain.
What is stupid of Fred is to ask for detailed fossil data from organisms that don't fossilize well.
Morphological species are important in palaeontology, for interbreeding ability does not fossilize .